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Why does 'Arthur' the geriatric patient complain that his crab is broken? Why does he constantly mutter about egg, wee, and a 'boner?' What trauma can have reduced him to this?

These are the questions thrust upon Richard when his casual Christmas visit to the nursing home becomes something more committing. Being a climber, he realises that 'Arthur' is talking perfect sense - trying to tell someone, anyone, about a fatal accident sixty-five years ago.

225 pages

How the Story Came to Be

Some years ago, I was called for jury service at Lancaster Crown Court. The timing was somewhat irksome as I had just started a new job, but a duty's a duty, isn't it?.

A friend warned of long delays between hearings, so recommended taking a good book. Since he neglected to add the rider, "having first purchased it from Waterstones", I took the hint and took a laptop.

As the cookie crumbled, I never actually sat in judgement of anyone, so the structure of this novel was bashed out in those two weeks, under the quizzical gaze of my fellow would-be jurors.

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