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Mirrie Carpenter is ten. Miranda always seemed too flouncy so the shorter version stuck. She lives with her Dad, Joe.

He blames his obsession with the Scottish mountains or Munros for the break-up of his relationship with Mirrie's mother, but Mirrie suspects there is something more.

Every weekend, they bomb up to Scotland on their motorbike, tasselled leathers fluttering in the wind. His goal of climbing all the Munros is threatened by the onset of diabetes, and only Mirrie's resourcefulness stands between them both and disaster.

138 pages

How the Story Came to Be

When I was a nipper, the stories I remembered were in the Swallows and Amazons genre of just-about-plausible adventure. In particular, I loved Danny the Champion of the World and was inspired by Dahl's plausible setting for a child coming to the rescue of a parent.

I wrote this story when my daughter was eight. Progress was governed at a chapter a day, with each chapter becoming that night's bedtime story.

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