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"On Pendle Hill" is the first product of a new partnership between poetry and photography, including images captured by Clitheroe cameraman Andy Carson. The book interweaves a set of simple poems, celebrating the lore of this mysterious hill, with photographs captured over more than a decade living under its aegis.

For visitors to the area, the book is an unusual memento of an unusual landmark. For locals, it's a reminder of how beautiful their homeland is and may serve as a gift for homesick Lancashire emigrés.

Andy and I have known each other since the Late Cretaceous, also known as university days. Then, as now, we shared loves of mountains, maths and music. Andy is a damn fine lensman and I hope to entice him to collaborate on many more projects combining word and image.

Copies are available at £ 7.99 each. A film version is also available on DVD, an extract of which is visible below.

To Those Left Behind

When the going gets tough, the tough remain.

We weak retreat, swishing from the summit

To a beckoning bedstead, saucepan-warm.

Abandoning the land where wild things drowse

On tussocky couches of ocherous swoosh-grass

Pillow-plumped by winds and blanketed by cloud.

They slumber, unblinking

Restive for the peregrine's fluttering stoop

The vulpine scutter and the ermine snap

Feigning to be dainty, stilting the sedge on slender shanks

Plovering over heather and scabrous moss-beds

Hunkering from blusters in a boot-print scrape.

When the going gets tough, the tough remain.

We weak retreat, to a beckoning bedstead

Forsaking this mattress to those in our wake

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