"On Pendle Hill" is the first product of a new partnership between poetry and photography, including images captured by Clitheroe cameraman Andy Carson.

The book interweaves a set of simple poems, celebrating the lore of this mysterious hill, with photographs captured over more than a decade living under its aegis.

For visitors to the area, the book is an unusual memento of an unusual landmark. For locals, it's a reminder of how beautiful their homeland is and may serve as a gift for homesick Lancashire emigrés

Copies are available at £ 7.99 each

A film version will premiere at the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster some time between 7 & 9 on Monday 8th February. DVD copies will be available. This screening is part of Wired In, a free event promoted by Totally Wired


Andy & I have known each other since the Late Cretaceous, also known as university days. Then, as now, we shared loves of mountains, maths and music.

Andy is a damn fine lensman and I hope to entice him to collaborate on many more projects combining word and image.

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