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Who am I?

I'm a poet who also dabbles in prose. I've completed four and a half poetry collections, one of them being both diminutive and collaborative. The most recent, full-sized collection is A Silence Black as Milk, launching September 2011.

When things refuse to rhyme, I write prose - usually short, but including a couple of novel-length stories, The Lucky Krab and The Last Munro - the latter for children.

I'm not quite reconciled to the fact that the quickest way to the truth is to make stuff up. But I'm slowly getting there.

In my day job, I design heavy-duty diesel engines for ships, trains and power stations. The engines are considerably larger than the poems, if not necessarily more complex.

About the site

I'm often asked... sometimes asked.... someone asked me once(*) this site is made. In particular, how do the bottle rollovers work?. To understand those images, you have to use the same capacity to sift reality from unreality as you do with the writing.

So the desert and meadow backdrops are real places but the bottles and the water are all computer generated with some dazzlingly clever software called Keyshot that I just happen to use professionally. Those images were generated over a few successive lunchtimes when the weather was ill-suited to a stroll.

The method is to ray-trace the same scene twice with different material attributes, then use another brilliant piece of software called GIMP (the poor man's Photoshop) to cut out the "changed" portions as rollover buttons. From a web design point of view, the site is very simple, so nothing more sophisticated than Notepad was used as an authoring tool.

*© remains with Flanders and Swann

My email address is shown below. Please note this is an image only to stop me drowning in spam. So you'll have to type the address in. Sorry about that but don't blame me; blame the spammers.

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Other Activities

Below is a selection of performances at venues around the North-West of England. When I'm not on stage myself, I often film performers for Lancashire Writing Hub. You can see some of the best of them on my people page, or browse the whole YouTube channel. I occasionally review events like Spotlight in Lancaster.

I'm a regular at Spotlight and sometimes read at Word Soup in Preston, Outspoken at Clitheroe, WordPool in Blackpool and The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal.

Here is a selection of my performances, all self-filmed