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The difficult fifth collection of poems. Special thanks to Mollie Baxter, Ron Baker, Sarah Fiske and Simon Kurt Unsworth of the Monkeyrack writers' group for advice and feedback in the creation of these pieces.

Andrew Michael Hurley reviews A Silence Black As Milk

"Hadley reins in the abstraction well to make what are complex ideas seem straightforward, as though they are things we have always noticed about the world. But they aren't. And that is the poet doing his job well."

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He knows to cuckoo

not by imitation but, my instinct tells me, instinct.

Notwithstanding Freud, he'll not attempt to mate

within his foster kind - he'll know his type

though never having peered

into a decent mirror.

He will scan another bar-code chest

and swell with corresponding lust.

Perhaps, wound tight inside

the warbler's briefly unwatched nest

his mother left a goodbye lullaby

that shook the crystal-lattice of his eggshell memory

before he turned the fattened gangster-child, the murderer

gone courting for a murderess.

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